‘X-Men ’97’ creator Beau DeMayo breaks silence after exiting series

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Beau DeMayo, creator of ‘X-Men ’97’, speaks out after departure from series

One of the highly anticipated animated series in development for Disney+ is “X-Men ’97,” a continuation of the beloved 90s animated series “X-Men: The Animated Series.” However, there has been some recent controversy surrounding the show as creator Beau DeMayo recently announced his exit from the series. After weeks of speculation and silence, DeMayo has finally broken his silence to address his departure from the project.

In a recent interview with Variety, DeMayo explained that his decision to leave the series was a difficult one, but ultimately necessary for his own mental and emotional well-being. He cited creative differences and disagreements with the show’s producers as the main reasons for his departure. DeMayo expressed his disappointment in not being able to see his vision through to the end but maintained that he had to prioritize his own artistic integrity and mental health above all else.

DeMayo also took the opportunity to thank the fans and express his gratitude for the overwhelming support he has received since announcing his exit from the series. He acknowledged the passion and dedication of the “X-Men” fan community and assured them that he is still a fan of the franchise and hopes to see the series succeed despite his departure.

As for the future of “X-Men ’97,” Disney has confirmed that they are moving forward with the series and are actively seeking a new creative team to take over the project. The show is set to feature the original voice cast from the 90s animated series and promises to deliver the same nostalgic feel that fans loved about the original show.

While DeMayo’s departure may have raised concerns among fans, it is clear that the show must go on. With Disney’s commitment to delivering a faithful continuation of the beloved series, fans can rest assured that “X-Men ’97” will still bring the same magic and excitement that made the original series a fan favorite.

In conclusion, Beau DeMayo’s departure from “X-Men ’97” may have come as a disappointment to many fans, but his decision to prioritize his well-being is commendable. The show’s future remains bright, and fans can look forward to a new chapter in the “X-Men” saga that is sure to capture the hearts of both old and new fans alike.
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