Trump cancels North Carolina rally due to storm in first public address since New York trial | Donald Trump

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Donald Trump cancels North Carolina rally amidst storm in his first public appearance since New York trial

On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump canceled a scheduled rally in North Carolina due to an approaching storm. This would have been his first public address since his trial in New York, where he faced charges of tax fraud and falsifying business records.

The rally, which was set to take place in Selma, North Carolina, was initially scheduled for Saturday. However, Trump decided to cancel the event out of concern for the safety of those attending, as a nor’easter storm was expected to hit the area over the weekend.

The cancellation comes as Trump continues to face legal troubles in New York. Earlier this month, a Manhattan jury found Trump guilty of tax fraud and falsifying business records related to his company’s financial dealings. This marked the first criminal conviction for the former president, who has long been embroiled in legal battles both during his time in office and afterwards.

In his first public address since the trial, Trump issued a statement expressing his disappointment at having to cancel the rally, but emphasizing the importance of ensuring the safety of his supporters. He also took the opportunity to criticize the prosecutors in the New York case, accusing them of conducting a political witch hunt against him.

Despite the cancelation, Trump’s supporters remain loyal, with many expressing their continued support for the former president on social media. Some have even suggested that the storm may have been orchestrated by his opponents to disrupt the rally.

As Trump’s legal troubles continue to mount, it remains to be seen how he will navigate the challenges ahead. However, one thing is certain: the former president remains a polarizing figure in American politics, with a loyal base of supporters who are ready to stand by him no matter what.
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