Seraphina Affleck, 15, rocks oversized T-shirt, cargo shorts while meeting mom Jennifer Garner at nail salon

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Seraphina Affleck, 15, sports oversized T-shirt and cargo shorts while joining mom Jennifer Garner at nail salon

Seraphina Affleck, the 15-year-old daughter of actress Jennifer Garner and actor Ben Affleck, was spotted looking stylish and laid-back as she stepped out with her mom for a day of pampering at a nail salon in Los Angeles.

Seraphina rocked an oversized white T-shirt that hung loosely over her petite frame, paired with a comfortable pair of cargo shorts that hit just above her knees. The teen completed her casual look with a pair of white sneakers and a simple necklace, showing off her effortless sense of style.

Despite being the daughter of two A-list celebrities, Seraphina proved that she is just like any other teenager, opting for a low-key outfit for her outing with her mom. Her relaxed and easy-going look was a refreshing change from the glamorous red carpet ensembles typically sported by celebrity offspring.

As she walked hand in hand with her mom, Seraphina seemed at ease and carefree, chatting and laughing with Jennifer as they made their way into the nail salon. The mother-daughter duo appeared to be enjoying their bonding time together, sharing a special moment away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

Seraphina’s choice of outfit also highlighted her individuality and confidence, showing that she is not afraid to embrace her own personal style and stand out from the crowd. Her effortless cool-girl vibe was a nod to her laid-back upbringing and down-to-earth personality, making her all the more relatable to her fans.

Overall, Seraphina Affleck’s chic and casual look at the nail salon was a reminder that even the children of Hollywood’s elite can opt for a simple and understated outfit for a day out with their parents. Her relaxed style and easy confidence serve as a reminder that true fashion and style come from within, and that being comfortable in your own skin is the ultimate accessory.
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