1. Stopped in this restaurant in Reynolds a couple weeks ago to have lunch with my wife. Very clean, great menu and prices, and a very friendly and attentive staff. I had a cheeseburger, and it was HUGE! We’ll definitely be back, and I’m happy to patronize them anytime I’m in Reynolds. Thank you for a good experience!

  2. We were pleased with the food and service but I really wasn’t excited to pay $1 for a glass of water. I know places who use a paper cup will charge sometimes but never like this. Probably won’t want to go back.

  3. The good; tremendous amount of food. Portions were huge. Once they microwaved our omelettes, they tasted very good.

    The bad: service was terrible! (Probably why the food was cold) The owner was carrying a baby around, behind the counter in the food prep areas. Questionable hygiene practices. Apparently, short handed for service help. The owner had to be asked to fill up empty coffee cups. It is doubtful we will return.

  4. One of the best small town restaurants I’ve been to in a long time. The Ribs were just right. The employees were very nice. Their pricing is beyond fair! You even get Ice Cream with your dinner. A must visit.

  5. Unassuming restaurant With tasty food in large portions. I ordered lasagna which was in a rather large dish. It was prepared a little differently than what you would typically see. It was flavorful with lots of mozzarella cheese on top. The garlic bread was just so so. I may have to go back for breakfast sometime as I hear it is quite good


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