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Family of Baylor Bears coach Scott Drew visits Kentucky

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Scott Drew’s Family Travels to Kentucky to Support Baylor Bears Coach

The family of Baylor Bears head basketball coach Scott Drew recently made a trip to the state of Kentucky to visit the iconic basketball program at the University of Kentucky. The Drew family, including Coach Drew himself, his wife Kelly, and their three children, made the journey to take in the sights and sounds of one of college basketball’s most storied programs.

During their visit, the Drew family had the opportunity to tour the facilities at the University of Kentucky, including the famed Rupp Arena, where the Wildcats play their home games. They also had the chance to meet with members of the University of Kentucky coaching staff, including head coach John Calipari, and some of the players on the team.

For Coach Drew, the trip was a homecoming of sorts, as he has deep roots in the state of Kentucky. He was born and raised in the town of Louisville, and his father, Homer Drew, was a successful college basketball coach in the state for many years. Scott Drew’s brother, Bryce, is also a successful college basketball coach, currently leading the Grand Canyon University men’s basketball team.

While the Drew family enjoyed their visit to the University of Kentucky, they were quick to point out that Baylor University is their true home. Coach Drew has been at the helm of the Bears basketball program since 2003, and has led the team to great success during his tenure. In fact, Baylor won the NCAA National Championship in 2021, the first in the history of the program.

Despite their success at Baylor, the Drew family has a deep respect for the tradition and history of college basketball in the state of Kentucky. They were impressed by the facilities, the passion of the fans, and the level of competition that the Wildcats face in the Southeastern Conference.

As the Drew family made their way back to Waco, Texas, they reflected on their visit to Kentucky with fond memories. They were grateful for the warm welcome they received from the University of Kentucky community, and the chance to connect with some of the biggest names in college basketball.

For Coach Scott Drew, the trip served as a reminder of the rich history of college basketball in the state of Kentucky, and the impact that programs like the University of Kentucky have on the sport. While the Bears will always be the Drew family’s number one team, they will always have a special place in their hearts for the Wildcats of Kentucky.
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