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Fallout 4’s free PS5 upgrade isn’t currently free with the PS Plus version

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Fallout 4’s free PS5 upgrade: Unavailable for PS Plus users

When it comes to video game upgrades on next-gen consoles, players often look forward to enhanced graphics, smoother gameplay, and overall improved experiences. However, for PS Plus subscribers hoping to take advantage of Fallout 4’s free PS5 upgrade, disappointment ensues as the upgrade is not currently available for this specific version of the game. Let’s delve into the details of this issue and explore what it means for players.

The Promise of Free Upgrades

With the release of the PlayStation 5, many game developers have offered free upgrades for players who own the previous-gen versions of their games. This has been a welcome move for gamers, as it allows them to enjoy improved graphics and performance without having to repurchase the game. Bethesda, the developer behind Fallout 4, also promised a free upgrade for players transitioning to the PS5.

The Issue with PS Plus

While players who own the physical or digital version of Fallout 4 on the PS4 can upgrade to the PS5 version for free, those who obtained the game through their PS Plus subscription are currently unable to access the upgraded version without purchasing it separately. This discrepancy has left many PS Plus subscribers feeling frustrated, as they expected to receive the same benefits as other players who own the game outright.

Impact on Players

The inability of PS Plus users to access the free PS5 upgrade for Fallout 4 has sparked a debate among the gaming community. Some argue that as paying subscribers, they should be entitled to the same benefits as other players. Others believe that since the game was obtained through a subscription service, it may not be eligible for certain promotions or upgrades.

  • PS Plus subscribers may feel that they are missing out on a valuable perk that was promised to other players.
  • Some players may choose to purchase the upgraded version separately to access the improved features on the PS5.
  • This issue raises questions about the handling of game upgrades and promotions for subscription-based services.

Potential Resolutions

As the uproar over the lack of free upgrades for PS Plus users continues, Bethesda and Sony may need to address the issue to appease their player base. Potential resolutions could include:

  • Providing a workaround or patch that allows PS Plus users to access the free upgrade.
  • Offering a discounted upgrade price for PS Plus subscribers to make the transition to the PS5 version more affordable.
  • Clarifying the terms and conditions of free upgrades for games obtained through subscription services in the future.


Ultimately, the current situation regarding Fallout 4’s free PS5 upgrade for PS Plus users highlights the complexities of game ownership in the digital age. While players eagerly anticipate improved versions of their favorite games on next-gen consoles, issues such as this serve as a reminder of the challenges that developers and platform holders face in ensuring fairness and transparency for all players. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, finding solutions that benefit all parties involved will be key to maintaining player trust and satisfaction.

It remains to be seen how Bethesda and Sony will address the Fallout 4 upgrade issue, but one thing is certain – players will be closely watching to see how this situation unfolds and what it means for the future of game upgrades on PlayStation consoles.

The free PS5 upgrade for Fallout 4 is not available with the PS Plus version at the moment
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