1. I was looking for a restaurant that is different for breakfast and I found it in Esme’s and Ruby’s!

    I had a breakfast burrito with eggs, Mexican sausage, peppers and onions and cheese with a side of their potatoes and i literally was in heaven! Every bite was out of this world! I usually only eat half of my food and yet i could not stop and i ate every bite!
    I was so excited about this meal i forgot to take a pic!
    Well…you will have to see for yourself!

    I am sitring here on a Saturday morning anxious to wake up hubby and go to breakfast!
    Just saying…but this is my sleeping time because i am a nigbt owl and yet…i can’t sleep because i want to go and see what else i can try for breakfast!

    They make the tastiest scones i have ever had from scratch!
    I had an apple and cinnamon flavor and hubby had a fruit flavor and both were huge and delicious!

    I shall get pics today!

    Btw… the owner owns Senor Panchos next door and they are really great people who have experience in the restaurant business. They eventually plan to have a dinner menu but for now they serve breakfast and lunch.


    New pics! Food was amazing as usual!
    Try their scones and peach pie!

    Newly paved driveway and plenty of parking.

    Please be considerate of wait staff…they do their best!
    Call ahead to see how busy they are if you are in a rush.

  2. The California salad was delicious and the lemon/blueberry was also very good warmed with butter. The next day I went for my eggs and bacon with homefries, but the eggs were runny and there was an orange slice that ruined the taste of the food, IMO.

  3. You have got to be kidding me!! I cannot believe anyone would rate this place “good”!! The waitress had a hard time understanding basic english… seriously?? The food we ordered was awful. Certainly nothing to deserve more stars! I sent the soup back…looked and tasted like dishwater. Plastic and fake flowers made the place look old.

  4. As its hard enough to find good Mexican food in Litchfield county, I thought I would never see good Mexican breakfast! The inside of this establishment is cozy with that New England breakfast joint feel- and the food is great. I would not say it is the most “authentic” version of chilaquiles or a breakfast burrito you could find, but they’re delicious and filling. Service was a little bit slow and the food is definitely pricey, but worth a stop anytime.


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