Easter customs: This is how Easter is celebrated worldwide | Life & Knowledge

Easter customs: This is how Easter is celebrated worldwide |  Life & Knowledge
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Easter Traditions Around the World: How Easter is Celebrated Globally | Life & Knowledge

Easter customs: This is how Easter is celebrated worldwide | Life & Knowledge

As one of the most important Christian holidays, Easter is celebrated with various customs and traditions around the world. From religious ceremonies to secular festivities, Easter holds a special place in the hearts of people from different cultures and backgrounds. Let’s explore some of the diverse ways in which Easter is celebrated globally.

United States

In the United States, Easter is a time for families to come together and celebrate. One of the most popular traditions is the Easter egg hunt, where children search for hidden eggs filled with candy or small toys. The White House even hosts an annual Easter Egg Roll on its lawn, dating back to 1878.

  • Easter parades are a common sight in cities like New York, where people dress up in colorful outfits and elaborate bonnets.
  • Many Americans attend church services on Easter Sunday, followed by a festive meal with dishes like ham, deviled eggs, and hot cross buns.


In Germany, Easter traditions are deeply rooted in folklore and religion. One of the most iconic Easter symbols is the Easter tree, also known as “Osterbaum,” which is decorated with colorful eggs and ornaments. The custom of decorating eggs is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

  • On Easter Sunday, children wake up to find that the Easter Bunny, or “Osterhase,” has hidden eggs around the house or garden for them to find.
  • Traditional Easter meals in Germany include lamb, roast pork, and potato salad, followed by sweet treats like chocolate eggs and marzipan.


In Spain, Easter, or “Semana Santa,” is a week-long celebration that commemorates the passion and death of Jesus Christ. Processions featuring elaborate floats and religious statues are held in cities like Seville and Malaga, drawing thousands of spectators.

  • One of the most famous traditions in Spain is the “Pascua Florida,” where people decorate streets and balconies with flowers and plants to mark the arrival of spring.
  • Special Easter sweets like “torrijas” (a type of French toast) and “monas de Pascua” (Easter cakes) are enjoyed during this festive time.


In Brazil, Easter is a vibrant and colorful celebration that blends Christian rituals with indigenous customs. One of the most popular traditions is the “egg-breaking” game, where children try to break each other’s egg by tapping them together.

  • Many Brazilians participate in street parties and parades during Easter, known as “Carnaval Pascoal,” which feature music, dancing, and elaborate costumes.
  • Traditional Easter dishes in Brazil include “bacalhau” (salted codfish), “canjica” (sweet corn pudding), and “paçoca” (peanut candy).


From egg hunts in the United States to processions in Spain, Easter is celebrated in a variety of ways across the globe. Despite cultural differences, one thing remains constant – the spirit of joy, renewal, and hope that Easter brings to people of all backgrounds. Whether you’re dyeing eggs, attending church services, or enjoying a festive meal with loved ones, Easter is a time to come together and celebrate the beauty of life.

So this Easter, take a moment to appreciate the rich tapestry of customs and traditions that make this holiday so special. Embrace the diversity of our world and rejoice in the shared values of love, forgiveness, and redemption that Easter represents. Happy Easter!

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