1. Their service is very good, they are patient, they explain each situation thoroughly. They speak English, which was very important for expressing myself. I left my computer with them today and they resolved the problem the same day. I only paid for the service when I picked it up and the price was very good. They close the store at 20 Uhr but they still waited for me to arrive. I highly recommend it! (not to be late, but to close the job with them)

  2. bought a 2014 macbook pro for 650€. was literally scammed the inside was messy with oil and coffee, clutch hinge cover was defect + owner accused me of breaking it. all three employees group together against you alone in the store (amazing experiences). I called him to ask, if he would clean and fix it. Even when I bought it at his place, I should pay for this as a new additional service. Thus product was sold under false circumstances, they wont refund in any way, and they will fix nothing if your product is not what it supposed to be, or gets a new defect unless you pay for it.

    In conclusion. do not go here. there are far superior services throughout berlin, that will also respect your opinion and value as a customer. + everything here costs 10-20% more, because they sell it to ppl who dont read google reviews that were not faked, or dont know much about the products (i had to teach them something too).

    proof are uploaded in pics. i accidently started cleaning already before making these pictures.

  3. An awful repair! Total waste of money.
    I brought them my mobile. It wouldn’t charge, so something was wrong with the charging slot. All other functions were in a perfect working order. They fixed it and charged 40 euros.
    Ok, but when I tried to use it I found out that the mike didn’t work! Again: it was 100% fine before I brought it to this repair’s.
    So, I took my mobile back to them, and when they were opening the device, they broke the screen!
    This time they charged me 20 euros for the mike and 40 euros for the screen and said as it was their fault they wouldn’t charge me for the work, just for the replacement. How truly generous!
    So, altogether I had to pay 100 euros to repair a phone that costs 120 euros brand new! I said no thank you.
    So, the guys are either totally unprofessional or simply dishonest!
    I strongly DON”T recommend this repair’s to anyone! Save your time and money.

  4. Best service couldn’t be happier! No repair shop was able to fix a broken plastic part of my tattoo thermal printer but this place managed the job wonderfully, fast and cheap. RECOMMENDED

  5. Left my laptop there on a Saturday night not functioning. Picked it up on Monday working perfectly. Very reasonable price and nice staff. What’s the catch? You have to pay the price with no guarantee it will work, that’s why its so cheap. I’m very happy I found this place!


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