Home Tech Apple Watch Dials 911, Saves New York Bicyclist’s Life After Horrific Crash

Apple Watch Dials 911, Saves New York Bicyclist’s Life After Horrific Crash

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Apple Watch Dials 911, Saves New York Bicyclist’s Life After Horrific Crash

Technology has the power to save lives, and a recent incident in New York City showcased just that. A bicyclist was involved in a horrific crash, but thanks to his Apple Watch, emergency services were alerted promptly, ultimately saving his life. This remarkable story highlights the importance of wearable technology in emergency situations.

The Incident

The incident occurred on a busy street in New York City, where a bicyclist was hit by a car. The impact of the crash left the bicyclist unconscious and unable to call for help. Fortunately, the Apple Watch he was wearing detected the impact and automatically dialed 911, alerting emergency services to the situation.

The Role of Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is equipped with a feature known as “Fall Detection,” which can detect when the wearer takes a hard fall. In this case, the impact of the crash triggered the Fall Detection feature, prompting the Apple Watch to initiate a call to 911. This innovative technology proved to be crucial in ensuring that help arrived quickly for the injured bicyclist.

Impact of Wearable Technology in Emergencies

This incident underscores the significant impact that wearable technology can have in emergency situations. The ability of devices like the Apple Watch to detect falls and automatically alert emergency services can make a life-saving difference, especially in cases where the individual is unable to call for help themselves.

  • Wearable technology can provide a sense of security for individuals engaging in various activities, such as cycling, running, or hiking.
  • The quick response from emergency services in this case highlights the importance of leveraging technology to improve emergency response times.
  • According to a study by Stanford Medicine, wearable technology can accurately detect heart rate abnormalities, potentially saving lives by alerting individuals to seek medical attention promptly.

Lessons Learned

There are several valuable lessons to be gleaned from this incident:

  • Investing in wearable technology with safety features, such as Fall Detection, can provide an added layer of protection for individuals.
  • It is essential to stay informed about the capabilities of wearable devices and how they can be utilized in emergencies.
  • Prompt emergency response can be critical in life-threatening situations, emphasizing the importance of leveraging technology for quick assistance.


The story of the Apple Watch dialing 911 and saving the New York bicyclist’s life serves as a powerful reminder of the life-saving potential of wearable technology. As technology continues to advance, incorporating safety features into wearable devices can enhance personal safety and improve emergency response times. This incident illustrates the significant impact that technology can have on ensuring the well-being of individuals in critical situations.

Apple Watch Saves New York Bicyclist’s Life with 911 Call After Devastating Crash
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